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 202.SH : The steel wire rope industry has the most varieties and the most complete specifications. 3 Supplementary explanation of the gross profit margin of the top ten customers of each product during the reporting period, indicating whether there is a big difference in the gross profit margin of similar products of different customers 4 Supplementary disclosure of direct sales and distribution Whether there is any difference in gross profit margin of similar products under the model, if yes, please analyze the reasons 5 Ask the issuer to disclose the gross profit margin of standardized products and customized products in each period of the reporting period, and analyze the standardized products and similar products of domestic and foreign comparable listed companies. 3 European tanning technology innovation has made a large number of wild cowhide commercially valuable. 3 Otherreceivables categorized accordingto natureCategory Endingbalance BeginningbalanceIntercourse fundswithrelatedpartiesReservationfund employees anddepartments 193,886 how to spot fake balenciaga shoes paypal