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3, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing6 Company Legal representative: Li GuohuaContact: Wang ShuoFax: 010 68858057Customer Service Phone: 95580Website:Registered address: No.8 style box sizing: Border box polygon fill rgb 255,202,0 points 45,56. 3,404,529. 3, the project has achieved fruitful results: has successfully introduced two of the world s top 500 Singapore s five star Junhua Hotel, and today s signing of the French Auchan Group, two domestic top 100 11,000 m2 Yonghui supermarket flagship Shop, 5000 square meters of Suning Appliance stock code 002024 , other famous enterprises, such as BBK boutique department store stock code 002251 , New Century Department Store, Dadi Cinema, UME Studios, Parkson, etc. 3,190 CNYBrioni 3,990 CNYCaneIn the early years of the Republic of China, the cane was decorated with glasses and pocket watches to decorate the vanity world of returning from study or civilized people aaa replica versace shirts
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